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All boot-strapped/self-funded, and proudly so.

Accolades & Accomplishments
Clients include RightPoint, 1871, Ntirety, Duracell, Hostway Services, The Marmon Group, Leapfrog Online and many, many more.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Founding, Beginning ​
Hirewell launched in 2001, by Matt Massucci, as a firm focusing intensely on a recruiting vertical not yet saturated by its peers in the industry; technology. ​ Hirewell soon refined their model into three platforms- Executive Search, Contingent Staffing, and Managed (“In-House”) Recruiting Programs. ​

Hirewell launched with the resolute premise that they would appeal to clients based on better service-- with a better price point being offered when compared to more traditional firms. ​ Their strategy was spot-on as they are about to enter their 19th year of business and have never been busier, have never had happier clients, nor has their trajectory been brighter. ​ They now have an incredibly diverse and loyal employee and client base, competencies spanning engineers to C-level, and always enjoy the ability to include their sister company, Holistic, in their process to measure and understand a company’s inclusiveness and diversity. ​ ​

Growth & Challenge
Hirewell moved into 200 W. Jackson, not necessarily aware of how their value proposition and portfolio of services might resonate; nor the success they would be enjoying. ​ After moving into the building, Hirewell discovered the need to expand shortly after occupying their initial space. ​ Expansion and the company’s calculated/conservative growth plan had yielded success, which inevitably translated to growth in the employee ranks. ​ Hirewell, having liked the location they had recently selected, decided to take over a space on the fourth floor which has continued to accommodate their needs and growth. ​ ​ ​ ​

Success ​
An intense sense of collaboration and energy continues to flourish within the walls of Hirewell. ​ The energy and vibe is readily apparent as one visits and walks the floor plan. ​ The location continues to be perfect for employees who hail from all areas of Chicagoland, provides access to all major areas and arteries in the city and to many of Hirewell’s local client-base, and is convenient for the occasional visiting client.

Insights For Founders
"Hiring the right people doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through partnering with someone who has… a quality candidate network to give you the edge you need...”

“Being a professional services company you need to truly differentiate yourself. ​ There is so much noise out there, and Clients to gravitate to niche businesses, because of the expertise represented by a business who focuses on a specific area --- stand out.”

“Generally nothing really good happens quickly – stick with it, and be true to yourself.”

- Matt Massucci, Founder & CEO