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TechDigs; TEMPUS CFO Vanessa Rollings & a Snapshot of Chicago Tech & Life Science;

Discussing Life Science and its trajectory in Chicago, office and culture with recent Tempus CFO Vanessa Rollings.

Welcome. If you know or have heard of us, you are familiar with our message; “How can we help?” ​ Not so long ago were the days when responsibilities of those advising companies on their office space would be limited to merely mining space and facilitating leases. Things have changed. We enjoy having a very unique lens on the process and value we are required to contribute; well beyond the sphere of leasing office space.

Please reach out if our networks, access or acumen (in business leveraging our experience as founders and as entrepreneurs) can help you. We believe in Chicago and investing in the tech ecosystem any way we can, whether that means helping companies with office strategies or activating our relationships to help those around us grow.

In this edition of the TechLens interview series we were excited to connect with an incredibly talented veteran CFO in the Chicago and Life Science tech ecosystem; Vanessa Rollings. ​ Vanessa, most recently having been an integral part of growing Tempus (a data-driven precision life science company who uses practical application of AI in healthcare) is already in the middle of vetting opportunities which will no doubt lead to her next successful anticipated exit. Tempus, one of the most recent successes launched by serial entrepreneur and Chicago native Eric Lefkofsky, achieved an $8.1 valuation in December of 2020 and is located in Chicago at 600 W. Chicago.

Thank you so sincerely for your time Vanessa and we can’t wait to hear about your next venture.

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Great things ahead, take care of one another.

- Chris and Corby